Day care center / Water sanitation Project


30-40 students ages 2-5 y/o attending classes in an urban area in Tondo, where most of the parents and their families cannot afford to send their children to school.

A training ground for their kids who will learn not just reading and writing but spiritual guidance too. With No roof, no permanent water sanitation and no toilet, these kids still love to attend to school.

The day care center needs more school books, chairs and tables and proper ventilation. The teacher-in-charge spends her life doing noble works of teaching not only for children but teaching and spreading the good news of the Lord.

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One thought on “Day care center / Water sanitation Project

  1. dear sir I have visited philippines twice in a year and will be visiting again……….while I am there I would like to help in someway for the poor children in your counrty………….I tell my friends in australia………..the best way to battle the poor is to eduacate your children for the future of the country god bless and looking forward to your reply


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