Rotary Club of Manila

The Rotary Club of Manila, being the premier service club of its kind in Asia, has had an outstanding record of leadership in service to the community. In its 79-year history, it has pioneered various projects covering the whole spectrum of the four avenues of Rotary service.  Most of these have become self-administered and institutionalized as years went by, thus leaving RCM to freely and continuously give birth to new ideas and solutions to the needs and problems of the community, applying these plans into concrete projects, bringing these to maturity and independence, and then going on to discover other new worlds of service.

Among the organizations pioneered in the Philippines by the Club are the Boy Scout movement, Community Chest Foundation, Philippine Band of Mercy, Philippine Safety Council (forerunner of the Safety Organization of the Phils.), Philippine Cancer Society, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Philippine Tourism Association, Welfareville, TOWER (The Outstanding Workers of the Republic) Awards Foundation, RCManila Foundation, RCM Medico-Surgical Missions Foundation, Philippine Rotary Pacemaker Bank Foundation, Sagip-Kabataan (Save the Children) Foundation, RCM Eyebank Foundation, several school and community-based Rotaract and Interact youth clubs, and others.

Aside from these, RCM has been an invaluable source of support to a host of other service projects and organizations. It regularly sends medical and surgical missions to depressed areas nationwide to serve indigent patients. It also sponsors programs in sight and hearing conservations, drug abuse prevention, health education, nutrition, energy conservation, social justice, teacher development, public order and safety, and through the “Sagip-Kabataan Project” the rehabilitation of “street children” and juvenile offenders. It also offers study grants to poor but deserving students. The club also maintains linkages of cooperation with overseas Rotary clubs in a number of World Community Service Projects.


543 Arquiza cor. Grey Street, Ermita, Manila City


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